A Silver Diaversary – 25 years with Type 1 Diabetes

t1d looks like meSo we’ve made it to 25 years with only minor(ish) mishaps – wehey! This blog isn’t about reflection because, frankly, I don’t really remember that much from the first couple of years (and subsequent years were drowned out by excessive partying and cider consumption). This is a celebration and a look to the future!

So, what’s next

Anyone who follows my blog or social media accounts will probably know that I’ve been training to be a professional wrestler for the last 15 months. It was a slow start, thanks to a lack of natural athleticism (we can’t have it all), and the barriers that continue to be thrown in my path often feel immovable. Training for 3 hours after spending most of the day below 3.0 mmols is a test of my physical and mental strength, as well as a test of how much I want it. You get people who don’t understand and show no respect for your death-defying fortitude before you’ve even got into the ring, but that’s exactly why I keep going. And I keep battling, keep working hard to be a better athlete, a better performer, and ultimately, a better version of me.


To set The Bar. To prove to myself that barriers are made to be ran through (because, let’s face it, I’d rather run through anything than jump!). To show others that you don’t have to live inside a metaphoric box. To be the best role model I can be. To change the game.

Watching my dad fight cancer everyday for more time with his family instilled a fighting spirit in me that turns negative situations into opportunities (most of the time!). Type 1 diabetes is, and will continue to be, tiring and petulant. It doesn’t do as you tell it to, it throws water over you while you’re asleep, and the noise it makes is bloody endless! But giving up is not an option.

The People

And this is why giving up has never been an option for me. A nephew who calls me Superwoman, friends who take me to climb up the highest mountain in Edinburgh, my ProJo family who trust me to catch their flying cross bodies or to superplex them safely off the top rope. Driven by an internal fire to succeed, but the fire keeps burning thanks to those around me who replace some of the strength that diabetes takes away. Straight Fire…all day, every day!

Here’s to 25+ more years of cider drinking, body slamming, hell raising fun…in spite of a dysfunctional immune system and part-time pancreas!





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